Liquidations and Closeouts

We are currently offering the following items for liquidation. Please make your best offer and let us know which you are interested in. These ship from Hong Kong and we can get you a shipping quotation.

This list was last updated March 24, 2018

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The number is the overall inventory count for each brand.


Liquidate Your Products With Us!

Looking to have us help you offload your stock? As e-commerce sellers ourselves, we understand how things go and you need to move items quickly. If your goods are located in China, Hong Kong, or Asia – we are in a position to help you out. If your stock is in USA or Europe, we may not be the best partner for you, but we can discuss.

Need Our Help Liquidating?

Overstocked? Need To Liquidate? Sell Your Products With Us!

Are you a product based business with inventory you need to move, fast? Let’s talk! Wholesalers Dropship is a platform to help you list your products with our site and move them as fast as you are willing to lower the price.

When listing with us, please provide the following:

  • Original invoice, receipt, or contract of your purchase history for these products
  • The location of the inventory
  • Your target sale price
  • Your expectation for when you would like to sell these goods

Our evaluation team will review these products and discuss.

Once confirmed, we will list this inventory on our website, and you have the choice to ship it directly from your warehouse to the consumer, or to send it to our warehouse for our fulfillment.

Let Wholesalers Dropship liquidate the products that no longer align with your business and product strategy so that you can focus on what works. We look forward to moving this stock and making a long term win-win relationship where you can come back to us again and again.

For those not aware…

What Is a Liquidation?

Liquidation is when you need to move your stock ASAP. It could be related to a bankruptcy, but many times it is a certain lot of inventory that you no longer want to carry on your shelves. It could be you just made the wrong decision about the product and want to have someone else move it out. You may be paying too much warehousing costs on it, and it is a sore eye on your balance sheet.

So a liquidation service (like ours) helps take that painful inventory decision off your hands and move it out in the marketplace. We sell either B2C (direct to consumer) or B2B (wholesale lots) so that you can see that inventory moved out as soon as possible.

We will pay you a percentage of the proceeds, so you can even recoup some of the investment.

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